If you are thinking of converting your attic into a bedroom, you can also consider how you may want to finish & decorate it.



An attic bedroom is cosy and fun place to be in so apply your personal style and taste to get the look and feel that you want for the room.  

You will find that there is a large range of finishing choices available for your attic bedroom. All you have to do is use your imagination and select the options to make it happen within your budget!

Ceilings & Walls
The sloping ceilings and often walls are usually one of the key features of an attic. Some finishing & covering options for ceilings & walls are: Paint, Varnish, Stain, Wallpaper & Fabric.
Lighter colours usually make the interior seem bigger by giving a larger sense of space. Attics are also great for bolder and brighter colours if you prefer.


The attic bedroom floor can be of bare wood for a rustic look & feel or you can cover the floor with vinyl, tiles & a wide variety of carpets and rugs.
Bare wooden floors can be stained and/or varnished. A nice rug would be great over the wooden floor or the whole floor can be covered with carpet with material & thickness of your choice.


Appropriate electrical lighting is crucial to setting the mood and atmosphere of an attic bedroom. Consider the lighting types including LED wall lights, shaded lamps, and adjustable lighting.
Dimmable lights will allow you to select the perfect level of brightness for the room. Lighting bulbs are available in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit your taste. You can also use smart lights to really customise things!
The lights can be powered from solar and mains.  

Sky View
Lying in bed and being able to see the sky is one of the best things about having an attic bedroom. Try to design your attic in such a way that the bed can be placed opposite or under a window or skylight so you can have a great view of the sky in the day and also at night.  

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