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VELUX is our preferred brand of skylights, roof windows, sun tunnels and blinds. Featuring quality construction and the latest designs, VELUX products are the ideal eco-friendly solution for bringing natural lighting and ventilation into your home or office! 

Skylights - available for pitched and flat roofs, opening and fixed designs. The opening types feature solar, electric or manual operation. 

Roof Windows - strong roof windows available for pitched or flat roofs.

Sun Tunnels - natural light for small spaces at low cost. Available in both rigid and flexible designs for trouble-free installation.

Blinds - enables easy control of the amount of light coming in via manual, solar or electric operation. 


Velux Skylights


♦ The skylights are available in 9 different sizes.

♦ Double-glazed glass is used for added insulation & strength.

♦ Insect screens are available with all opening-type skylights.

♦ Touch-screen programmable remotes are also available for ease of operation.

♦ Velux skylights are extremely low profile and will blend in well with the profile of your house.

♦ The electric and solar versions include a rain sensor which detects rain and automatically closes the skylight.

♦ Velux skylights are highly rated for adverse conditions like heavy rain, wind, storms, hail and bushfires.

♦ Available for both flat and pitched roof designs



Velux Solar Skylights - operates using power from a concealed battery which is recharged via solar. Features a built-in rain sensor and a programmable remote control. Available for flat or pitched roofs.

Velux Electric Skylights - operates using mains power. Features a built-in rain sensor and a programmable remote control. Available for flat roofs.

Velux Manual Skylights - operates via easy manual control. Features a pre-installed insect screen. Available for flat or pitched roofs.

Velux Fixed Skylights - lets in natural light and views of the sky. Available for flat or pitched roofs.    


Velux Roof Windows


♦ Velux roof windows are perfect bringing natural light and air into your attic.

♦ They open and close via easy manual operation. 

♦ Velux Roof Windows feature a ventilation flap which allows airflow with the window closed.

♦ Constructed using double-glazed glass for extra insulation. 

♦ External aluminium cappings for added protection.

♦ Available in 2 designs: Centre Pivot and Dual Action. The Dual Action design maximises rooftop views and lets in more air and light.

♦ Velux roof windows are available in 5 different sizes to suit most applications.

♦ Easy to clean and maintain

♦ Quality and long-lasting construction


Velux Sun Tunnels



Velux Sun Tunnels are the ideal eco-friendly solution for bringing natural light into small spaces, especially where skylights & roof windows cannot be installed. Velux Sun Tunnels are available in both rigid and flexible designs. Rigid sun tunnels are best suited for installations where there are not many obstructions in the roof cavity and the flexible designl is used when there are too many obstructions in the roof cavity.

Velux Sun Tunnels are perfect for bringing natural light into spaces like toilets & bathrooms, wardrobes, pantries, storage rooms, hallways and more!  

Velux Blinds


VELUX blinds are designed to fit perfectly with VELUX skylights. They are available in 3 types: Solar, Blockout and Honeycomb.

Solar Blinds are powered by solar electricity and include a battery pack for day and night operation.

Blockout Blinds block almost 100% light and 40% heat.

Honeycomb Blinds are made of structured pleats and they block out almost 95% light and 60% heat. 


Velux Quality Tests

Velux products are rigorously tested to ensure you get a superior and safe product. View the test reports on their website http://www.velux.com.au/professionals/test-reports.

Watch more videos on Velux Australia's Youtube Channel


Velux Showroom

 78 Henderson Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015.

Phone 1300 859 856



 Addspace Building recommends using VELUX products when doing Attic Conversions so your attic can have the best natural ventilation and lighting system available. You can rely on VELUX for a high quality and effective product to bring natural light and air into your attic.For detailed information please visit the VELUX website www.velux.com.au.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote for your Attic conversion in Sydney and thank you for visiting AddSpace Building online!




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