If you are wanting to store items of value or just want to keep your items in tip top shape then the dust proof attic storage option is the way to go.

A special membrane is used to seal out dust and excess moisture. This keeps the attic free of dust and perfect for storage.

This option is more suited to an older style cut roof as the dust proof membrane will fix to the under side of the rafters and be fully sealed.

With a pull down ladder and around 20 to 25 square meters of structural chipboard flooring, this option will give you ample space to store those items you might otherwise have had to put into paid storage.

We can customize a dustproof storage solution to suit your needs lighting & ventilation options like whirlybirds and skylights.

No council approvals are needed for Dustproof Storage Attics and our qualified & friendly team can complete this option in 3 days.

Prices start from $5,000 depending on project specifications.

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